IRradiance Glass

About US

IRradiance Glass, Inc. (IRG) manufactures chalcogenide glasses for applications in infrared optical components and optical systems.

IRG specializes in compositional design and process development for novel infrared glass and glass ceramic materials. Our company has unique experience and expertise in the custom design of glass composition and product form, as well as the thermal, optical, and mechanical analysis of infrared transmissive chalcogenide glasses.

These glasses are available in a number of forms including bulk, fiber, and specialty products with value-added processing.

IRG provides a domestic source of high-quality materials optimized to meet customer needs for unique applications.

IRG customer relationships are based on confidence and trust with a commitment to provide products that are not only unique and reliable, but the best in the world for our client’s desired application.

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3259 Progress Dr, Orlando, FL 32826, USA


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